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Terms & Conditions

EPSON HONG KONG LIMITED (hereafter called "EPSON") provides One year (Projector has Two years) warranty for EPSON product (hereafter called "product"), commencing the date of purchase under the following conditions:
  1. For warranty service, a valid warranty registration must be completed before a free service rendered. Proof of purchase shall be produced if requested by EPSON to substantiate date of purchase. Such proof of purchase must be an original receipt / invoice that containing the name of the dealers, the name of the model and the serial number of the product.
  2. The product, during the warranty period and under normal use , will be entitled to free carry-in hardware repair service (some models have free onsite hardware repair service, please refer to service charge in, and free replacements of parts, excluding power cables, signal cables, battery, consumable items , lost parts and the parts that over the lifetime.
  3. The warranty is valid in Hong Kong SAR only; onsite hardware repair service areas include Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Urban Town Centres along KCRC & LRT routes.
  4. For onsite hardware repair service in off shore islands (except Tung Chung & Disney in Lantau), HK$200 extra transportation fee will be charged to customer as per each visit. For restricted areas, Lo Wu and boats areas, the customer will be responsible for transporting the product to a location as listed in (3) then call EPSON for onsite hardware repair service or directly bring the product to EPSON Service Centre.
  5. The warranty does not cover period checking, cleaning, transportation, relocation or replacing consumable items.
  6. EPSON has no obligation of resolving any problem caused by computer virus and software or hardware connection errors.
  7. The warranty will automatically be waived if:
    i.the product has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered with, altered or repaired in any way by anybody other than qualified technical people of EPSON.
    ii.the product has been damaged due to misuse, abuse, negligence, physical damage, abnormal voltage supply/power interruption, accident, fire, flood, insect, natural calamities or other events beyond EPSON control.
    iii.Non genuine EPSON consumable items such as ink cartridge, photoconductor unit, toner cartridge, lamp unit or media such as; paper, transparency, label are used with the product.
    iv.the serial number sticker in the product has been modified or tear off.
  8. Any defected parts, which have been replaced, shall become EPSON's property.
  9. For the product has onsite hardware repair service, customer should inform EPSON immediately in case of any change of his/her address.
  10. For projector’s, the warranty does not cover the weakness in brightness, depreciation of the optical engine of projectors, decline of image quality and less than or equal to 3 defective pixels in standard warranty period, thus EPSON will charge for any replacement of that optical engine. For EB-84/ 85/ 825/ 826W/ 95/ 96w/ 905 projectors, EPSON provides 2500 hours or 1 year warranty to its build in lamp unit (whichever comes first), 500 hours or 3 months warranty (whichever comes first) to replacement lamp unit if the product without abnormal shutdown. For the projectors other than EB-84/ 85/ 825/ 826W/ 05/ 96W/ 905, EPSON provides 500 hours or 3 months warranty (whichever come first) to its build in lamp unit and replacement lamp unit if the product without abnormal shutdown.
  11. When projector needed to be inspected or repaired, if the product installed over 3.0 meters or secured by security system (like metal case or other security products), customer has to move the projector to accessible area and re-installation of the projector.
  12. For Multimedia Storage Viewer, EPSON will replace LCD panel if the product have more than 3 defective pixels in standard warranty period, but the product must under normal use and without physical damage.
  13. EPSON has reserved the right to issue and cease this warranty. For any uncertain or doubtful occasion, after examination, EPSON has the right to refuse to issue or cease this warranty.
  14. The warranty terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
For details , please call EPSON Customer Hotline 2827-8911.