LQ-680 PRO

24 pin A4 Dot Matrix Printer

Printing 413 cps in High-Speed Draft mode, the Epson LQ-680Pro creates letter-quality results on forms up to six parts thick. Thirty-eight percent faster than its predecessor, the popular Epson LQ-670, this economical printer races through your mission critical tasks like printing tickets, receipts, checks, labels, and more. It's straight paper path and flatbed feed design offer more efficient printing — without causing paper jams that can waste valuable time and damage high-cost forms. But, what's especially reassuring about the Epson LQ-680Pro is its advanced APG (Automatic Platen Gap) technology. Sensing the thickness of multiple-part forms, it automatically adjusts the position of the print head to prevent damage to the pins from unnecessary force.

      • Printing Method: 24-pin, impact dot matrix, narrow carriage
      • Print Speed (cps @10 cpi): 413 cps
      • Print Head Life: 400 million strokes/wire
      • Sound Level: 55 dB(A)
  • Model: C11C376151
HK$ 5,788.00
Warranty Type: 1-Year On-site Warranty